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This course will teach you how to architect small or medium size systems

Can you see yourself in any of these situations?

No confidence to question the status quo

You’ve joined a new team and they’ve started bringing you up to speed about how the product fits together. The onboarding’s going well because you recognise the patterns so far.

But, after the third or the fourth pattern that they’re using to explain concepts in the implementation, you start missing gaps of knowledge. While you understand the pattern, you’re not sure why they’ve chosen those particular patterns to solve this specific challenge. You’d like to challenge them with a question but you don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Now what – do I keep quiet or risk it and challenge the design only days after joining the team?

Your applications for a software architect role are not being taken seriously

…even though you have the experience. You’ve applied to what feels like a million software architect roles and haven’t even made it through to the first interview. You review your CV for the thousandth time, you double check your LinkedIn profile – they’re both looking great. Even the recruiters that you’ve shown your CV to feel like its got what it takes.

You start seriously doubting your ability even though you have 10 years of great experience.

Not being taken seriously when it counts

A small group of select senior developers from your team have been tasked to architect and design a new feature for the product that you work on. You’ve been included – AWESOME!

The discussions have started and they’re becoming really interesting. You’re quite excited to contribute towards the design because you’ve recently been spending a ton of time reading, researching and creating POCs to learn about the architectural and engineering patterns that could actually solve this problem.

Thing is, admittedly egos are starting to flair and every time you want to add something, they dismiss you or what you’re saying. Implying that you don’t understand enough to be in the conversation – they expect you to just sit there and listen. You’re feeling sick to your stomach because it feels like they seriously don’t recognition what you have to offer – NOT AWESOME.

Frustration reigns from trying to self-study software architecture

You’ve been wanting to learn the craft of software architecture for years. You’ve even looked on online for courses but most of what you find is enterprise architecture or solution architecture which, after a fair amount reading is not quite what you’re looking for.

So you decide to start learning the art of software architecture on your own.

And you read and you read and you read and after a while you realise about how much there really is to learn – you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Where do you start?

Now, what if your experience was more like this...

You no longer need to self-study

The CPSA-Foundation curriculum has shown you what a foundation-level architect would need to know to be able design a small-medium size application.

You can start engaging in the real conversations

The conversations that actually end up changing minds and decide the course of the project for the next 12-18 months.

Your colleagues start recognising your value

Your opinion has really added value to technical discussions and other planning session, and your peers start placing weight on what you have to say.

Your line manager is taking notice of your growing authority

And realises that your value within the team has grown internally as well as to the other team you interface with in the business.

Opportunities start opening up

Suddenly there's room for growth within your company or The client you've been chasing recognises that you have the credentials and the underlying knowledge to be able move the need for them.

You feel challenged and fulfilled

You've taken control of your career and you've challenged yourself to learning a new skill. Software architecture is challenging field where you can grow in many directions.

Pass the exam and earn the Certified Professional Software Architect credemtial

The Enterprise Grade training offers you a direct path to becoming a recognised CPSA-Foundation level certified.

 As an accredited ISAQB training provider, we’re trained by authors of the books that we use for the training.

Take our 3 day training to learn more about what an architect does and doesn’t do. Learn more about the process of creating an architecture all the way from the business vision, through to the requirements validation, decomposition, how to put together the design using well-known industry patterns, documenting and and communicating the design to the relevant stakeholders and much more.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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