Build better software and dominate your market

Align the software that you build to your business

Only build the software that the business needs; and no more!

Mitigate risk especially in critical software projects

Try and keep those panic attacks to a minimum - You've got this!

Keep your promises to your stakeholders

Not only the paying kind; Users, devs and product owners too.

Changing software architecture too far down the line becomes expensive, time consuming and risky!

Reduced Stakeholder Confidence

We could send the wrong signals to stakeholders and erode their confidence and possibly damage project perception, as it could be interpreted as a lack of planning or poor initial architecture choices.

Extensive Code Refactoring

Changing the underlying architecture will necessitate substantial code refactoring, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring extensive modifications to existing codebases.

Increased team frustration

Having to refactor well-designed and working code only adds to a teams frustration and because it gives the feeling that the task has just got way bigger to achieve the same results.

Costly Infrastructure Overhauls

Needing the underlying infrastructure to be reconfigured, meaning higher expense for your cloud, hardware, licenses, and setup.

Increased Risk of Bugs and Issues

We could introduce unforeseen bugs and issues, as the changes may have cascading effects on different components or modules of the system, requiring extensive testing and debugging.

Delayed Time-to-Market

The process almost needs to be restarted, albeit on a smaller scale, in order to confirm the new design, get buy-in and the put a plan in place to roll it out. This almost surely delay initial milestones.

You deserve a business software platform that…

…is a real force multiplier for your users.
…saves you from compliance hell.
…doesn’t introduce even more stress in to your life.
…shows your team off as the talented people that they are.
…helps you keep your promises to the business.

Personalised service, decades of experience, partnership and empathy - that's how we roll...

Partners in progress: Our experience and your vision

Understanding Your Challenges: We recognise the unique challenges you face – from ensuring scalability and reliability to aligning with business objectives. Our deep understanding of your quality requirements positions us to create solutions to resolve challenges that are most important to you and pave the way for future growth and innovation.

Building Trust Through Expertise: We bring a wealth of experience across different markets, different technology stacks and different roles in the software development lifecycle. We don’t just build software; we craft tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business strategies. By focusing on robust architecture and proactive problem-solving, we ensure that your software is a powerful, reliable tool in achieving your business goals.

Empowering Your Success: Choosing Enterprise Grade means investing in software architecture and design that works for you. We prioritise your business needs, ensuring that every aspect of the software – from security to user experience – aligns with your vision and addresses your challenges. With our guidance, your software becomes more than a tool; it becomes a catalyst for growth and innovation for your business.

Personalised service

We're a boutique provider where you won't be pawned off to a junior consultant. You will have a senior person with you throughout your project.

Enterprise, distributed, web or cloud native

We have extensive experience building software stable enough to run for the enterprise across the web and the cloud.

Experience across multiple markets

We have been building software commercially for over 25 years across many markets: Courier & express delivery, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing & advertising, Banking, Telecommunication, Automotive, Hospitality.

Industry recognised training & certifications

We continue to evolve and train to help you build business aligned and best-in-class software. We retain non-vendor certifications from the Software engineering institute (SEI) and ISAQB and previous certifications from Microsoft and Amazon.

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What do our amazing customers & partners think?

From a technical standpoint, Anthony is an invaluable asset to any team or organisation

I had the pleasure of working alongside Anthony for over two years at FedEx, and it has been an exceptional experience. Anthony is a very talented developer and architect, always showing natural leadership skills and self motivation. Anthony help us to modernizing our development process, implementing NX and GitHub Actions in order to significantly enhanced our efficiency and development agility. From a technical standpoint, Anthony is an invaluable asset to any team or organization. His diligence and innovative mindset make him a standout contributor. Equally remarkable is Anthony's kindness and willingness to help his team members, always fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Anthony for any endeavor he pursues. He not only excels professionally, but also brings his positive personality to any team he is part of.

Ariel Vargas

Product Owner at FedEx

A great engineer, coach, colleague... certainly one of the most well-rounded professionals I've worked with in the tech industry!

I was lucky enough to closely collaborate with Anthony for a few months during his assignment at CarePay.

His team had its Scrum Master leaving, and Anthony promptly stepped in to support the team and the company in the most amazing way possible (although he did not have to). As a Scrum Master, I saw in Anthony the ability to facilitate discussions with confidence but without bias. That is because Anthony is an empathetic listener, who is able to look at facts analytically and help all to see possible solutions to any problem. He's keen on improving processes and genuinely curious to learn how things work and, most importantly, why they work in that way.

Anthony also impressed me by how he was able to perform his duties while also onboarding a new Scrum Master into the team - making sure that person felt confident in her new role. Very gentle and supportive of him.

A great engineer, coach, colleague... certainly one of the most well-rounded professionals I've worked with in the tech industry!

Lucas Lôbo

Scrum Master & Agile Chapter Lead

I think he would be a valued addition to any forward thinking technology organization

I had the opportunity to work with Anthony on several different engagements. I got to see him in action as a software engineer, team leader, and agile practice evangelist. I would recommend him for any of these roles.

I considered him a strong defining voice at our company that kept things innovative, positive, and moving forward. He is experimental in his approaches at finding better ways to do things and balances this with a strong understanding of the fundamental sciences of his craft, as well as an emphasis on understanding what success means and how to measure it.

Anthony is able to see the big picture and can communicate effectively on many levels, even in situations with complex personality dynamics. I think he would be a valued addition to any forward thinking technology organization.

Kaluhi Anzigale

Scrum master

...combining this with his vast experience and open teaching/learning attitude would make me recommend him for any tech-leadership role straight away

During the 7 months I have worked with Anthony, I have come to know him as a very strong team player. He combines a great willingness to teach with a constant curiosity to keeping learning more. I haven't met many developers who embodied the term 'full-stack' as much as Anthony, due to his experience on all aspects of the development spectrum. This showed itself due to many good suggestions on a DevOps level and positive feedback I had received by back-end developers about his sparring.

But more importantly is that I've never encountered such a social 'brightening-up-the-room' developer as him, who takes his time to check up on people and make sure everyone is in good spirits.

Combining this with his vast experience and open teaching/learning attitude would make me recommend him for any tech-leadership role straight away. I would definitely enjoy working with him again.

Richard Wols

Liquid Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

We get to work with amazing businesses like these...

Industry certifications from reputable institutions

Certified Professional Software Architect certifications from both Carnegie Mellon University (Software Engineering Institute) and from the ISAQB

25+ years software dev & architecture experience

...across many industry verticals (marketing, insurance, health, logistics)

Our products and services

How we can help...

Building complex, high-quality, line-of-business software is a huge undertaking so why not try maximise your chances of success, mitigate risk.

We’ve designed a few services to be used at different stages of a software development project that can help your software succeed, for example:


As an accredited ISAQB training provider, we offer the “Certified Professional Software Architecture (Foundation)” program designed to enhance the skills of your engineers or technical leaders.

This training equips your team with a suite of software architecture and design skills needed to translate a business vision in to a software architecture design, paving the way for their career growth and the improvement of quality and effectiveness of your future software projects.

We offer private, in-house as well as public cohorts – your choice.


We provide facilitated, interactive and collaborative sessions aimed at teams looking to review & improve or build new software.

Depending on your goals, our workshops brings relevant stakeholders together to explore, generate ideas, or align your team’s understanding of complex business domains.

We use tools like EventStorming that facilitate group dynamics, collective knowledge, and diverse perspectives to break down silos, foster innovation, and accelerate decision-making.

Consulting & Project work

Here are some of the projects we can typically help with:

  • Design software architecture for greenfield projects and for new features on existing projects.
  • And we can also help modernise legacy applications that are difficult to keep up-and-running or make changes to.

Ongoing support and managed services

We offer ongoing support for your software implementations:

Follow these three simple steps

Interested? It's easy, take these three simple steps.

Step 1

Book your free session

... and begin with a no-obligation, no-strings attached consultation. Let's get to know each better and we can discuss your challenges and see if we're a fit for you and your team.

Step 2

Dive deep understand your business vision, challenges, requirements and constraints. Pinpoint the areas that need attention and how we can help get you to your destination whether that involves (training, workshops, or managing the software architecture or design process for you).

Step 3

Kick-off your project

...and let's move that needle! Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your business, we can start working towards your goals. Here we deliver and, hopefully move that needle in the right direction.

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